Rabu, 5 Jun 2013


Nabi Muhammad S.W.T said,
 “Honor your children and bring them up well. Verily, your children are a gift for you.” –                                           [Hadith, Ibnu Majah]

A child is a gift, an amanah and a trial to his parents, family and society. Along with it comes a great responsibility – the responsibility to nurture them towards becoming the best that they could be, both in dunia and akhirat.

The best thing that we could give to our children is education – one that leads him to be a significant contributor to his society, a righteous slave and Khalifah of Allah, and an ummah of Nabi Muhammad (S.A.W).

Not only is there a gold mine in every child, but their early childhood years are instrumental in building healthy self- esteem and positive self-concept.

  • Students to master the basic skills 5M (read, write, calculate, memorize and understanding)
  • Provide a conducive learning environment to ensure a healthy and positive learning environment.
  • Be proactive against each reprimand, recommendations and opinions towards educational excellence.
  • Focusing on developing the potential of students based on talent and ability inclination respectively.